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From Aug 24 - Sept 21, 2007 Mike and I joined Alan and Jan on a biking and hiking adventure in Scotland. We rode though some of the Western Isles and Highlands.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Sept 14 - 15, 2007: Inverness to Pitlochry

Ruins of Ruthven barracks
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After making a circuit of the Culloden battlefield Mike and I joined up with the National Cycle Network's route #7. Since I am now writing this after the fact (a bit difficult to find public internet access in the Highlands) I can say that the the NCR #7 from Glasgow to Inverness, once out of the tangle around Glasgow, is really world class. It should be full of riders.

From outside Culloden we stopped at the Clava Bronze Age burial cairns and standing stones (I still can't get over these standing stones -- they are fascinating). We had lovely views over Loch Moy and got a kick out of how everyone said the Slochd summit was so hard (NOT!).

We took the off-road alternative along the Strathspey steam railroad line and came out in Aviemore. We ran into Jan and Alan in Aviemore and together we planned the next day of riding. We decided to ride down through Kingussie, Newtonmore, and Dalwhinnie to the Pass of Drumochter. What a day -- we picked up a 20 mph headwind out of Newtonmore that lasted all the way to the top of the pass. We made it up, but we had to pace-line -- and there was a lot of singing of show tunes too! When the show tunes come out, you know the going is hard.

From the top of Drumochter it was down to Pitlochry. I was amazed that we had our own off-road, yet paved, bike route down from the top of the pass. Well done Sustrans! There was a lot of whooping and cheering as we roared down our own bike road. It was getting late in the day and the weather was in and out rain (although no wind, so I was very happy), so we hurried on to Pitlochry. I would have loved a bit more time in this area to check out the sights -- we'll have to come back!


Pictures and routes:
Pictures from the route
Our route from Culloden to Pitlochry

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