Biking and Bagging -- A biking and hiking tour through Scotland

From Aug 24 - Sept 21, 2007 Mike and I joined Alan and Jan on a biking and hiking adventure in Scotland. We rode though some of the Western Isles and Highlands.

Our route

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sept 2 - 3 Back on the mainland

We left Port Ellen on the island of Islay after a great smoked haddock breakfast (an Alan-recommended breakfast!) -- we were heading back to the
mainland for two days of riding through the heart of old Celtic, pagan Scotland. We visited Kilmartin Glen, home of standing stones (although
they are all over the west coast and islands in Scotland), burial cairns, carved stones, and stone circles. It was a sunny day, and this glen was as welcoming to us as it must have been to those people who moved in a put up the stones and constructed the cairns all those thousands of years ago.

The only downside -- Jan had her bike computer stolen off her bike as she visited some of the standing stones. I guess the glen was pretty welcoming to thieves too.

From the glen it was along the north shore of Loch Awe -- a rolly single-track road along the water. We were travelling through Scotish
forestry plantations, and some of their harvesting practices looked pretty "BC", a lot of slash on the ground, and a lot of trees taken off steep slopes. However, the riding and the lake were great. We even stopped for a skinny-dip in the Loch. Alan got his first tick after his swim -- he has moved from being a chick-magnet to a tick-magnet.

We spent one night at the top of Loch Awe. Our hosts and B&B were wonderful. Innisfree (the B&B) had three border collies, tea and cakes
when we arrived, and a nice dram of good single malt scotch to end the day.


Our route and pictures through this area:
Our route
Pictures from the area

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