Biking and Bagging -- A biking and hiking tour through Scotland

From Aug 24 - Sept 21, 2007 Mike and I joined Alan and Jan on a biking and hiking adventure in Scotland. We rode though some of the Western Isles and Highlands.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Arran is Excellent!

Here we are on the island of Arran. We got here on Tuesday and the weather was perfect -- sunny, a breeze (to keep these horrible beasties called midgies off), but not at all hot. We rode up the island to our B&B -- Castlekirk. This B&B is an ancient church. Also, it looks out over a 13th century castle (and the food is great).

Yesterday we hiked up Goatfell (874 metres) in the most stunning weather. I wish I had an internet connection that would let me show pictures. For now you will just have to picture it -- pink and purple heather, alpine flowers, huge hunks of granite, and a view all the way to Ireland on the west and Ben Lomond on the east.

At the top the weather set in and although we had a great ridge walk, the cold and damp of a misty cloud set in. We went down a different route and ended the day in a Scottish pub. What a great day!

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Armin said...

I know the view from up on Goatfell, having been there a few weeks ago. Did you notice that you can also see your next destination after Arran from there, Islay?

Mary Sanseverino said...

Yes -- I was surprised how much we could see. What a fine hike it was. I want to go back and do more.